We are currently recruiting for 2-5 data entry assistants for 3 days work at the end of March.

Details of the job offer are below.

Deadline for applications is noon on Monday 22nd of March. 

We will inform successful candidates by 24 March, so if you haven’t heard from us by then unfortunately that means your application has not been successful.

The project you will be working on

Research for Action has developed an in-depth investigation into risky and expensive bank loans (LOBO loans) that were sold to local authorities between 1985 and 2015 totalling more than £14bn. Following our investigation, around £1.3bn were cancelled and £8bn were transformed into less risky fixed-rate loans. However, there is still more to do.

Research for Action is developing a database of LOBO loans sold to councils across the UK. The database will be a resource that both councils and residents can use to challenge the banks over the loans. 

Your role

We are looking for assistants to support the Project Manager to build the database. Most of the information on LOBO loans is contained in responses from councils to our Freedom of Information requests. Your role will be transferring the data from the responses to spreadsheets. 

In the process, you will get a chance to learn about the campaign and the issues related to councils borrowing from banks. You will also gain experience in developing a data-based investigation using Freedom of Information requests and how the information can be presented in a clear and accessible way for everyone to understand.

Your responsibilities

  •  Collating information from Freedom of Information responses

  •  Preparing source data for computer entry

  •  Updating spreadsheets with new information

  •  Tracking progress in a shared document

For all the activities, you will have the direct support of the Programme Manager whenever needed.

Work shifts

The work will be undertaken remotely and you can be based anywhere in the UK. 

The work will be undertaken on the following dates:

  •  Friday 26 March

  •  Monday 29 March

  •  Tuesday 30 March

There will be two shifts with a half-hour lunch break in between:

  •  9:30am – 1pm

  • 1:30pm – 5 pm.

You can choose how many shifts you’d like to work, starting from a minimum of two shifts.

We aim to have 2-5 people per shift so that we can work as a team.

On the day you start you will receive a short training and clear guidance on what to do via a zoom call.

During the day there will be an active slack channel where you can ask questions and support. The Project Manager will also be available on the phone or via zoom whenever needed.

Qualification and Experience

The ideal candidate will be someone who enjoys working with spreadsheets and data. However, you do not need any qualification or professional experience to undertake this work.

Require skills:

  •  Computer savvy

  •  Basic knowledge of how to use Google sheets or similar

  •  Ability to work autonomously and deliver on commitments reliably

  •  Attention to detail on repetitive tasks


Research for Action is a worker co-operative and we work with a flat pay structure where everyone is paid the same. You will be paid our rate which is £50.05 per shift (£100.10 for a full day consisting of two shifts).

We will ask you to provide us with an invoice for the hours worked. If you need support with this we can provide you with a template.


If you think this is the job for you we’d love to hear from you!

Please fill in this form where we ask a few simple questions to help us assess if you are the right candidate.